About Us

Hello, I’m Kohl Scott, a passionate bodybuilder committed to helping individuals unlock their full potential in fitness. With the honor of being a 2-time national champion of Thailand, I bring over 5 years of dedicated study and experience in training and nutrition to the table. As a certified Level 3 personal trainer and nutritionist, my expertise lies in the field of muscle building and fat loss. I am driven by a singular passion: to empower individuals to achieve their dream physique and lead healthier, more fulfilling lives. My journey on the bodybuilding stage has been defined by a relentless pursuit of excellence, and I am dedicated to sharing my knowledge and insights to support others on their transformative fitness journeys. I firmly believe that the fusion of targeted training, tailored nutrition, and unwavering commitment can unlock tremendous potential within each of us. Whether you’re striving for a sculpted physique or aiming to shed excess weight, I am here to guide and inspire you every step of the way. Join me in this transformative journey, and together, let’s sculpt the body you’ve always dreamed of.

In one month the strength gains have been phenomenal it's silly how quick they are flying, starting to see some changes in the mirrors can't wait to see in 6 months, having coaching pushed me to try new things like new movements i otherwise wouldn't have tried before. Having a coach watching you also makes you wanna do your best under them.

- Josh N

I had a great experience. Kohl was great really helped me get back to where I wanted to be. Pushed me hard in the gym helped me with my bad eating habits too. I was at a low point in my life and helped me regain my confidence and get back to o myself. Overall I'd highly recommend using 1% coaching to help anyone who's looking to improve themselves.

- Billy S

My experience with one percent coaching has been nothing but positives, from day one there has been nothing but improvement both mentally and physically. Kohl is a great coach in every aspect and always finds ways to make food plans more exciting and the training plan is always 10/10. With these plans I can still live a very ordinary life of a 21 year old and still hit my goals and turn every week in to a win. I would never have anyone else train me.

- Ben G

My experience with one percent coaching has been life changing not only has it let me achieve a physique I thought I never had but it's also changed my mindset on training and other aspects of life Aswell. I now have a winners mindset

- Sam H

Working with 1% coaching has helped me improve my training and diet massively. I have always trained and been good at pushing pushing myself, but when you have a coach that holds you accountable and doesn't let you leave any stone unturned, it makes you realise how much harder and smarter you can be working. My training is better than it ever was as I have learnt new training styles and following new splits every 6-8 weeks so my body doesn't adapt. In terms of nutrition, I am now efficiently feeling my body for recovery and maximum energy levels. I always struggled with getting the calories in and hitting macros, but you helped me achieve this by adding simple and easy meals to my diet which also worked around my routine (working 9-5)

- Ciaran T